Daily Dose of Sublime, Fun/Funny / December 20, 2019

You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Of Them

It’s time for our weekly catharsis of sharing those moments when our kids have us screaming F*CK!! It’s times like these that have us asking, “Is that really my DNA?”

This creative 4-year-old loves American Ninja Warrior, so he tries his skills on the patio furniture. Makes sense, because it’s tall (for him), climbable, and easily accessible. Let’s see how his obstacle course run goes…

Luckily, this young athlete wasn’t seriously hurt, but this could have been way worse. Just goes to show that the wild imaginations of kids can lead to chaos and danger in your own backyard!

I think my reflexes would have me asking B, then D.

What have your kids done that made you wonder how they escaped injury? Share your videos and stories with us!

Steve Reddell

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