Food / September 6, 2019

You Picked A Ton Of Apples. Now What?

Of course I know that in order for apples to make it off of the tree they have to be picked, but I had no idea that apple picking was a fall activity until I moved to the East Coast. It sounded like the most romantic, movie-like experience.

Baby girl reaching for bag of apples outdoors
So many apples to choose from…

I knew my outfit would have to feature a cozy sweater and heeled boots as this was going to be an ideal photo opportunity. When I finally made it to my first apple farm, I realized that heels are not exactly a great idea. Keyword: farm. Duh.

Despite my fashion fail, it was an amazing experience. From the hayride out to the orchard to the homemade ice cream from dairy cows to the optional pumpkin picking, the entire day was the embodiment of everything I love about fall.

Freshly baked apple pie

At the end of it you walk away with a variety of freshly picked apples but unless you have a deep freezer, you have to start planning how to use them. I made my very first pie but there are many ways to bake, cook and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here are 10 mouthwatering apple recipes to get you started.

Linnea Moran

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